The Cheapest Ways To Travel To Florida

With its sunny beaches, amusement parks, and unique city vibes, Florida is a hugely popular vacation destination for travelers across the country and around the world. But the fun in the Sunshine State can come with a hefty price tag if you don’t plan wisely.

If you’re looking to maximize savings for your Florida getaway, read on for a comprehensive guide to scoring the cheapest flights, lodging, transportation, attractions, and more in the state.

We’ll provide pro tips for saving money on every aspect of your Florida travels, from booking flights during shoulder season to taking advantage of free attractions and public transportation options. You’ll learn how to plan the most budget-friendly itinerary whether you’re headed to Miami, Orlando, the Florida Keys, or elsewhere in the state.

Book Flights During Shoulder Season

One of the cheapest ways to travel to Florida is to book flights during the shoulder season. This is the period between the peak and off-peak seasons, when the weather is still pleasant but the tourist crowds are smaller.

By avoiding the peak travel times, you can save a significant amount of money on flight tickets to Florida.

Avoid spring break and summer crowds

During spring break and summer, Florida is a popular destination for vacationers, resulting in higher demand for flights and higher prices. To get the cheapest flights to Florida, it’s best to avoid traveling during these peak times.

Instead, consider planning your trip during the shoulder season, such as in late spring or early fall, when the weather is still pleasant but the crowds are thinner.

Watch for fare sales in September and October

September and October are great months to find fare sales for flights to Florida. Airlines often offer discounted prices during this time to fill up empty seats before the holiday season begins. Keep an eye out for these sales and be ready to book your tickets when you find a good deal.

Signing up for airline newsletters or following them on social media can help you stay updated on the latest sales and promotions.

Be flexible with your travel dates

If you have flexibility with your travel dates, you can increase your chances of finding cheaper flights to Florida. Consider traveling on weekdays instead of weekends, as weekend flights tend to be more expensive due to higher demand.

Additionally, being open to flying at different times of the day or taking connecting flights can also help you find better deals. Use flight comparison websites to explore different options and find the most affordable flights.

Fly mid-week instead of weekends

Another tip for finding cheaper flights to Florida is to fly mid-week instead of on weekends. Many people prefer to travel on Fridays and Sundays, resulting in higher prices for flights during these days. Flying on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, on the other hand, can often lead to significant savings.

Consider adjusting your travel plans to include mid-week flights and take advantage of the lower fares.

Find Cheap Lodging Options

When planning a budget-friendly trip to Florida, finding affordable lodging options is key. Here are some tips to help you find cheap accommodations:

Stay outside major cities and resort areas

If you’re looking to save money on lodging, consider staying outside of major cities and resort areas. Accommodations in popular tourist destinations like Miami Beach or Orlando can be quite expensive. Instead, look for hotels or vacation rentals in nearby towns or suburbs.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll also get a chance to explore lesser-known areas and experience a different side of Florida.

Choose vacation rental homes over hotels

One of the cheapest ways to stay in Florida is by opting for vacation rental homes instead of traditional hotels. Websites like Airbnb and VRBO offer a wide range of affordable options, from cozy apartments to spacious houses.

Renting a vacation home not only provides more space and privacy but also allows you to save money by cooking your own meals. Plus, many vacation rentals offer amenities like pools and outdoor spaces, adding value to your stay.

Consider hostels, especially in Miami

If you’re a solo traveler or don’t mind sharing a room with other guests, staying in a hostel can be a fantastic budget option. Miami, in particular, has a few excellent hostels that offer clean and comfortable accommodations at a fraction of the price of a hotel.

Hostels not only provide affordable beds but also offer opportunities to meet fellow travelers and make new friends.

Camp at state/national parks to save on accommodation

For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, camping at state or national parks can be an exciting and affordable option. Florida is home to several beautiful parks that offer camping facilities at a reasonable cost.

Pitching a tent or parking an RV allows you to immerse yourself in nature while keeping your accommodation costs low. Just be sure to check the park’s website for availability and any additional fees.

Remember, no matter which option you choose, it’s always a good idea to book in advance to secure the best deals. Additionally, keep an eye out for any special promotions or discounts offered by hotels, rental agencies, or camping facilities.

With a little research and planning, you can find the perfect lodging option that fits your budget and allows you to enjoy all that Florida has to offer.

Use Public Transportation

If you’re looking for the cheapest ways to travel to Florida, using public transportation can be a great option. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery without the hassle of driving.

Let’s explore some of the public transportation options available in different parts of Florida:

Take the bus or light rail in Miami

In Miami, you can hop on the bus or light rail to explore the city and its surrounding areas. The Miami-Dade Transit system offers an extensive network of buses and Metrorail that can take you to popular attractions like South Beach, Downtown Miami, and the Art Deco Historic District.

With affordable fares and frequent service, this is a convenient and budget-friendly option for travelers.

For more information, visit http://www.miamidade.gov/transit/

Ride SunRail commuter trains in Orlando area

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, the SunRail commuter trains are a fantastic way to get around. This commuter rail system connects the city with its suburbs, making it easy to visit popular attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando.

With comfortable seating and affordable tickets, riding the SunRail can save you money while enjoying a stress-free journey.

For more information, visit https://www.sunrail.com/

Key West has free bus service

In the beautiful Key West, you can take advantage of the free bus service provided by the Key West Transit. This service covers the entire island, allowing you to explore its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and charming architecture without spending a dime on transportation.

It’s a budget-friendly way to navigate the island and experience all that Key West has to offer.

For more information, visit http://www.kwtransit.com/

Many beaches offer parking shuttles

When visiting the beach destinations in Florida, parking can often be a challenge. However, many beaches offer convenient and affordable parking shuttles that can take you from designated parking lots to the beach.

These shuttles not only save you money on parking fees but also eliminate the stress of finding a parking spot. So, whether you’re heading to Miami Beach, Clearwater Beach, or Daytona Beach, consider using these parking shuttles for a hassle-free beach day.

Visit Free Attractions

When it comes to traveling to Florida on a budget, one of the best ways to save money is by visiting free attractions. Fortunately, Florida is home to a plethora of beautiful and captivating free attractions that will keep you entertained throughout your trip.

From stunning beaches and parks to enchanting hiking trails and botanical gardens, there is something for everyone to enjoy without spending a dime. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun on the pristine shores or take a leisurely stroll through a lush garden, you’ll find plenty of free options to choose from.

Beaches, parks, hiking trails, and botanical gardens

Florida is renowned for its stunning beaches, and luckily, many of them are open to the public free of charge. Whether you prefer the bustling shores of Miami Beach or the tranquil beauty of Siesta Key, you can enjoy a day of sun, sand, and surf without spending a penny.

Additionally, Florida is home to numerous state and national parks, offering vast natural landscapes for exploration. Hiking trails wind through these parks, providing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the beauty of the state’s diverse ecosystems.

If you have a passion for plants, botanical gardens such as the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables offer a chance to admire exotic flora without breaking the bank.

Smithsonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce

If you’re interested in marine life, a visit to the Smithsonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce is a must. This research facility offers free admission and provides visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about Florida’s coastal habitats and the fascinating creatures that call them home.

From interactive exhibits to touch tanks where visitors can get up close and personal with marine organisms, this attraction offers an educational and entertaining experience for all ages.

Art walks and festivals in cities like St. Petersburg

For art enthusiasts, exploring the vibrant art scene in cities like St. Petersburg can be a delightful and wallet-friendly experience. Many cities in Florida host regular art walks and festivals where local artists showcase their work.

These events often feature live music, food vendors, and a lively atmosphere, making them a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture without spending a dime. Whether you’re browsing galleries, admiring street art, or simply enjoying the creative energy of the city, you’ll find plenty of free artistic experiences to enjoy.

Explore neighborhoods like Little Havana in Miami

Florida’s diverse cultural heritage is evident in its vibrant neighborhoods, and exploring these areas can be a fascinating and inexpensive way to experience the local culture. One such neighborhood is Little Havana in Miami, which offers a taste of Cuban culture right in the heart of the city.

Take a stroll along Calle Ocho, visit local shops and markets, and indulge in delicious Cuban cuisine without breaking the bank. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, listen to Latin music, and watch locals play dominoes in Maximo Gomez Park.

Little Havana offers a unique and affordable cultural experience that shouldn’t be missed during your trip to Florida.

Remember, when visiting these free attractions, it’s important to respect the environment and follow any rules or regulations in place. Take only photographs, leave only footprints, and enjoy all that Florida has to offer without putting a dent in your wallet.

Find Deals on Attractions

When planning a trip to Florida, finding deals on attractions can help you save money and make your vacation more affordable. Here are some tips on how to find the best deals:

Look for discounted combo tickets

One great way to save money on attractions is by purchasing discounted combo tickets. Many theme parks and attractions in Florida offer combo tickets that allow you to visit multiple attractions for a discounted price.

For example, you can purchase a combo ticket that includes admission to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, saving you money compared to purchasing separate tickets for each park.

Visit museums on free days

Another way to save money on attractions is by taking advantage of free days at museums. Many museums in Florida offer free admission on certain days of the week or month. By planning your visit accordingly, you can explore the rich history and culture of Florida without spending a dime.

Check the websites of the museums you plan to visit to find out their free days and take advantage of this money-saving opportunity.

Skip Disney ticket lines with hotel shuttles

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World, consider staying at a hotel that offers shuttle services to the park. By taking advantage of these shuttles, you can skip the long ticket lines and save valuable time.

Plus, some hotels may offer discounted or complimentary shuttle services as part of their package, helping you save even more money on transportation to the park.

Sign up for attraction email lists to get deals

To stay updated on the latest deals and discounts for attractions in Florida, sign up for their email lists. Many attractions send out exclusive offers and promotions to their subscribers, allowing you to take advantage of special deals that are not available to the general public.

By signing up for these email lists, you’ll be the first to know about any upcoming discounts or promotions, ensuring that you get the best possible price for your Florida adventure.


With strategic planning using these budget-friendly tips, you can enjoy an affordable Florida vacation without sacrificing any of the fun and excitement the state has to offer. By booking smart, taking advantage of free attractions and transportation, and finding ways to cut costs on lodging, flights, and activities, you can make your Florida trip easy on the wallet.

For the savvy traveler willing to be a bit flexible, the cheapest way to experience Florida is well within reach. Use this guide to maximize your savings and then get ready to soak up the sun in one of America’s most popular and diverse vacation destinations.

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