The FYS Life is a blog created by writer Stephanie Lee focusing on her passions for travel, fitness, living a digital nomad lifestyle, and finding balance.

Stephanie Lee

“FYS” stands for Find Your Story – the philosophy Stephanie lives by and hopes to inspire in her readers by providing tips, personal anecdotes and guides related to travel, remote work, physical health and happiness.

At The FYS Life you’ll find:

  • In-depth travel guides and stories as Stephanie journeys across the globe, discovering awe-inspiring destinations, cultures, cuisines and more. She shares practical trip planning advice too.
  • Fitness and wellness content – whether it’s Stephanie’s training regiments, workout ideas, nutrition tips for staying healthy on the road, or interviews with athletes and coaches.
  • Insights on the digital nomad and remote work lifestyle that allows Stephanie to earn a living while having the freedom to travel and pursue athletic endeavors.
  • Reflections on finding work-travel-fitness balance and being intentional about making time for self-care.
  • Commentary on the BBC Back From The Brink documentary series and Stephanie’s manifesto on what the series has taught her about second chances, comebacks and believing in oneself.

Stephanie’s goal is to motivate and empower readers to pursue their own adventures and discovery – whether it’s related to travel, fitness, work or just finding daily joys. She offers practical advice combined with vulnerable storytelling to discuss pursuing a life aligned with one’s values. Her pursuit is to live “The FYS Life” and she invites you along for the ride!