Flowers that Symbolize Friendship

14 Flowers That Represent Friendship (2022 Updated)

Everyone loves flowers. Not just for their beauty or mesmerizing scents, but also because they bear symbolism that allows us to speak without saying a word. The exact symbolism varies from one type of flower to another.

So, if we want to express love or passion we’re going to choose red roses. To represent hope, remembrance, and strength we’ll probably choose the gladiolus flowers. Some flowers can have more than one meaning. But what flowers symbolize friendship? Scroll down to check them out.

14 Flowers that Symbolize Friendship

Real, genuine friends aren’t that easy to find. Some people find their “person” in kindergarten, others much later in life. But one thing is for sure; friends enrich our lives. If you want to show how much you appreciate your friend, flowers are always a great idea. Let’s see what to choose to represent your friendship.

1. Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses
Credit: @midoriseki1220

Even a quick glance at yellow roses makes us feel more joyful instantly. Indeed, the yellow rose is often gifted to loved ones to bring cheer and joy. Bright yellow color oozes warmth, optimism, positive vibes, sun, and warmth. We can easily say the yellow rose is happiness in the form of a flower. For that reason, it’s not that surprising this lovely flower symbolizes friendship.

Many people bring yellow roses to cheer up their friends or to express how much they appreciate them.

This wasn’t always the case, though.

Back in time, yellow roses were considered to be a sign of jealousy. So, if you were to gift someone this flower, your intentions could be taken as an expression of jealousy or malicious attitude.

Today, these beautiful flowers are associated with positive meanings and joyous occasions. Rightfully so!

Not only can you choose to get yellow roses alone for someone, but you can also combine them with red ones. The combination of yellow and red roses doubles down your appreciation for your friend. But you can also get it for your significant other to express both love and how much you value their companionship.

Of course, you can also match yellow roses with other flowers that symbolize friendship.

2. Sunflowers

Credit: @deborah_flower_

Bright yellow petals of sunflowers spark joy and remind us of summer and positive vibes. Not only does it look like the sun, but sunflowers also bear great symbolism.

The symbolism behind sunflowers stems from the myth about Clytie, a water nymph, who was in love with the god of the sun, Helios. While she was madly in love with him, Helios didn’t really reciprocate because he liked someone else.

After a while, Clytie realized Helios wasn’t interested in her. This love was one-sided. The sheer thought of unreturned love pushed Clytie into depression. She didn’t eat or drink. Instead, Clytie just started at Helios crossing the sky in his golden chariot.

Greek gods started feeling sorry for Clytie and her deep sadness. So they decided to help her. They transformed the nymph into a beautiful flower because it was more merciful than leaving her the way she was.

According to Greek mythology, this is why sunflowers always follow the sun.

Despite the unreturned love, Clytie always remained loyal to Helios. That’s why sunflowers symbolize loyalty, which is what friendship is all about.

The symbolism behind sunflowers varies from one culture to another. For Native Americans, these flowers represented harvest and provision. In China, sunflowers symbolized vitality, long life, and good luck.

If you’re looking for flowers that perfectly represent long-lasting friendship, sunflower is a good choice. They are equally pretty on their own or in combination with other flowers.

3. Chrysanthemums

Credit: @kumi2824

Also known as mums, chrysanthemums represent joyfulness and optimism. Every flower has its meaning, sends a certain message, and friendship wasn’t always the symbolism associated with chrysanthemums. The meanings of this beautiful flower vary from one part of the world to another. Colors also have a lot to do with the actual symbolism behind these beautiful flowers. In most cases, chrysanthemums are associated with love, happiness, and longevity.

But, doesn’t true friendship include all those values as well? Of course, it does.

A true friend isn’t that easy to find. Once we do find that person, we want only what’s best for them. Every person wants their friend to be happy and joyful. Chrysanthemums are great in symbolizing these things, primarily because people use them to express best wishes. Trust is yet another value the mums stand for. This is particularly important if we bear in mind trust is one of the foundations of true friendship.

In other words, if you’re looking for a unique flower option to express friendship, you can’t go wrong with chrysanthemums.

Just keep in mind the symbolism behind this, and other flowers can change from culture to culture.

4. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies
Credit: @katie_davies_photos

Gerbera daisies are a joy to look at and are among the most popular flowers in the world for many reasons. These flowers come in several colors ranging from yellow to deep red, white, cream, pink, among others. The integral meaning behind gerbera daisies is happiness. All shades of these lovely flowers revolve around happiness as well. True friends also make us happy.

What relates gerbera daisies to friendship is that they also symbolize purity, pride, and energy. Yellow flowers are particularly important here. They represent happiness that stems from relationships with others. For that reason, you can opt for yellow gerbera daisies to show your friend (or more of them) their friendship makes you happy.

5. Irises

Credit: @bobandmarge

Like sunflowers, irises have their own Greek myth. The story goes that goddess Iris acted as the link between heaven and earth. Iris personified rainbow. In fact, iris is the Greek word for rainbow. In Ancient Greece, people would plant irises on women’s graves in order to summon the Iris goddess so she can guide them to paradise.

Besides Greek mythology, the iris plays a strong role in the history of France. During the middle ages, the flower was linked to the French monarchy and went on to become the national symbol.

The most common symbolism behind the iris flower is wisdom, but it also represents hope, valor, and trust. Trust is exactly what makes the irises one of the most important flowers that symbolize friendship. Plus, irises also represent dedication.

Giving your friend irises “just because” or for their birthday or any other occasion means you appreciate the trust and dedication between you two. Since irises also depict strength and wisdom, they could also send a message that you appreciate those who stand up for you.

6. Peruvian Lilies

Peruvian Lilies
Credit: @benjapajaritos

Peruvian lily, also known as alstroemeria, is one of those flowers with a multitude of spiritual interpretations. The most significant symbolism behind these flowers is friendship and companionship.

In fact, receiving alstroemeria would indicate you are beloved, according to the Victorian flower language. People often go for alstroemeria when choosing a flower that represents strong bonds. It’s the flower you’d choose to show your friendship has strong roots built on mutual support and devotion.

Peruvian lilies have six petals. Each petal has its meaning. The petals represent empathy, patience, humor, respect, commitment, and understanding. Read these values again and you’ll notice true friendships have them all.

In order for friendships to thrive, they need to be based on understanding and empathy between two people. You also have to be committed, funny, patient, and have a lot of respect for the other person. That’s why alstroemeria is such a great choice. With one flower you can send a lot of messages to your BFF.

7. Gladioli

Credit: @sandy_picx

At one point or another, everyone goes through a rough patch. Problems come along and we need to deal with them. When things go down, it’s nice to know you have friends who appreciate you. A true friend is a person who’s got your back when times are tough.

The Gladiolus flower is a great choice if you are looking for something to symbolize strength and care. By giving gladioli to your friend, you’re sending a couple of messages indirectly.

One message is that you believe in their strength of character and know they can successfully overcome any challenge ahead. And another message is that you’ll always support and care for them, no matter what.

Gladioli are a thoughtful gift to a friend who needs cheering up. Not only are gladioli a wonderful addition to their décor, but they also depict how important their wellbeing is to you. It’s nice to show friends how much we appreciate them and care for them.

8. Ivies

Credit: @greenhomedream

Some friendships last a lifetime, which makes them even more impressive. Although we’re used to having that one person in our lives and we love them, it’s also nice to show just how much you appreciate friendship like that.

One of the best ways to celebrate long friendships is to choose ivies that will fit perfectly into your friend’s home. While ivies are not traditional flowers, they are incredible because they symbolize fidelity. These plants don’t let go easily of things they are attached to. Ivies also depict eternal life, because they’re evergreen and they continue to thrive without too much maintenance.

In Ancient Egypt, ivies were dedicated to the god who represented immortality, Osiris. Plus, in Ancient Greece ivies were the plants of the god Dionysus due to their vigor.

If you want to surprise your longtime friend with a meaningful present that shows the longevity and strength of your friendship, you may want to go for ivies. This plant is also a good choice if your friend is busy and prefers flowers that don’t require too much maintenance.

9. Zinnia

Credit: @bobcampello

Zinnias are fast-growing flowers that bloom in many colors. Although these flowers have numerous meanings, they are usually associated with friendship, long-lasting affection, daily remembrance, and endurance.

In fact, in the Victorian flower language zinnias represent thoughts of an absent friend or a friend you haven’t seen for quite some time. Basically, if you want to choose perfect flowers to surprise a friend you haven’t seen in a while, zinnias are a perfect choice.

For daily remembrance, yellow zinnias are the best. To express lasting affection, you should go for magenta zinnias. But, if you want flowers that represent pure and unaltered goodness, white zinnias are exactly what you need.

A great way to surprise a friend is to get a colorful bouquet where each hue will depict something else. All colors together deliver a rainbow of emotions you have for your friend. Plus, it’s impossible not to like zinnias. They can bring any room to life thanks to their vibrant colors. Your friend is going to love your sweet gesture, for sure.

10. Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid
Credit: @loveorhid

Cymbidium orchid, also known as a boat orchid, is native to tropical regions of Australia and Asia. Well-known for highly decorative flower spikes, cymbidium is among the least demanding indoor orchids.

If your friend loves orchids but doesn’t like high-maintenance kinds, you should get them cymbidium. Plus, this beautiful flower symbolizes friendship that is pure, valued, and respected. The act of giving cymbidium is considered an honor as well as receiving the flower. For that reason, this type of orchid is a popular gift for good friends in some cultures.

Plus, cymbidium also depicts virtue and morality. In Ancient Greece, the flower symbolized fertility and masculinity. Later in Europe, cymbidium orchids were highly praised for their beauty and strength. All these values and characteristics make this orchid a wonderful flower present for your dearest friends.

11. Nemesia

Credit: @abc_gardens

Nemesia is a popular garden plant well-known for its wonderful fragrance and colorful flowers. What makes these lovely flowers an excellent present is that they symbolize friendship.

If your friend loves gardening, nemesia is the best choice. This plant isn’t that difficult to maintain and it looks great in the garden. You can go one step further and get several color options.

The best thing to do is to opt for colors your friend likes the most.

12. Platycodon (Balloon Flower)

Credit: @challenguate

Platycodon is known as a balloon flower, which got its name from the fact the buds swell just like balloons before they open. Native to China, Russia, Japan, and Korea, this plant bears starry flowers in the summer. These flowers can be white, blue, or pink.

Besides their pretty appearance, balloon flowers also have deep symbolism. These beautiful flowers symbolize friendship as well as endless love and honesty. Additionally, platycodon depicts obedience and desire for a friend to reenter someone’s life.

When you think about it, honesty is the foundation of a long-lasting friendship. Endless love isn’t just a romantic kind of love, but appreciation you have for your friend as well. That’s why this flower is a great choice for people who want to surprise their friends with a nice gesture.

It’s also suitable for situations when you’re trying to reconnect with old friends. For example, old high school friends, college friends, or someone else with whom you were friends before life made you part ways.

13. Erythronium (Fawn Lily)

Erythronium (Fawn Lily)
Credit: @baikamo

Erythronium is known as the fawn lily, adder’s tongue, trout lily, and other names. This flower belongs to a genus of Euroasian and North American plants in the lily family and it’s closely related to tulips. Fawn lilies tend to be white, violet, yellow, and pink. Since they’re easy to grow, fawn lilies are popular garden plants.

Friendship and protection are primary symbols of the erythronium flowers. While different varieties of lilies have different meanings, they generally symbolize fertility, purity, rebirth, and chastity. In other words, fawn lily sends a powerful message to your dearest friends.

With this flower, you’re sending a message of how you truly appreciate your friends and your desire to protect your friendship. The flower also symbolizes other values with which your friends can relate.

14. Pelargonium (Geranium)

Pelargonium (Geranium)
Credit: @northeast_oasis

Geraniums are popular bedding plants in gardens, but many people grow these flowers indoors too. These flowers come in red, pink, purple, white, and lilac. Some geraniums are bi-colored. The depth of the color depends on the variety of geranium.

What we love about geraniums is their easy accessibility. You can find and purchase them anywhere and they’re inexpensive. Plus, these flowers symbolize positive things such as friendship and happiness. Geraniums also stand for good health.

Due to positive symbolism, geraniums are a popular housewarming gift. So, if you want to treat your friend with a nice present that oozes positive vibes, geranium is a great option.

Not only can you choose geranium for your dearest friends, but it’s also a nice present for a neighbor that just moved in next door. This flower sends a nice message you’re offering your friendship. That’s exactly what someone new to the neighborhood means.

Flowers have powerful symbolism and many of them represent friendship. Surprise your dearest friends or offer friendship to someone new in your life by choosing a lovely flower as a present. You can never go wrong with flowers.

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