Flowers That Start With A

Top 20 Flowers Which Start With A (With Pictures)

Do you enjoy flowers for that fun, feminine vibe that they can leave you with? If you’re someone who wants something new and innovative to enjoy, why not plant a flower that starts with the letter A? We will list some of examples down below and help you figure out how to take care of these eye-catching plants.


Top 20 Flowers Which Start With A

1. Aconitum Flower

Aconitum Flower
Image Source:@annet_v_h

Aconitum flower is also known as monkshood or wolf’s bane. It comes in this gorgeous purple lilac color and is often spotted in woods or forests. There are over 250 kinds of this flower, some of them are poisonous while others are not. Make sure that you use a healthy, non-poisonous kind to plant in rich moist soil in your garden.

2. African Daisy

African Daisy
Image Source:@susanvalegibson

Did you know that you can find over 70 different kinds of African daisies on the market and out in the wild? African daisies vary in color, but they are mostly available in red, blue, purple, yellow, and white. These gentle flowers will decorate any garden splendidly. Plant your daisies in the early spring after the last frost.

3. Agapanthus

Image Source:@jacqueline.liem2

Enjoy this bright blue or purple/lilac beauty in your garden or as a part of a bouquet. Its name has such an interesting meaning – it is made out of the combination of Greek words agape (love) and anthos (flower). If you plan on planting it make sure that you pick a location in full sun or part shade.

4. Ageratum houstonianum

Ageratum Houstonianum
Image Source:@moder_nnature

Ageratum houstonianum is also often called a floss flower. This gorgeous beauty can grow anywhere from 4 to 18 inches. It is an annual herb native to Mexico and Central America, but you can easily find space for it in your garden. It is mostly colored purple, blue, or lilac.

5. Alchemilla Flower

Alchemilla Flower
Image Source:@alchemilla_farm

Alchemilla is a well-known garden plant. Its main characteristic features are its big yellow flowers and green leaves. The flower gives a loose, nonchalant effect to a bouquet and fits well in different styles. You can mix and match it with a ton of different flowers as well.

6. Allium roseum

Allium Roseum
Image Source:@bulb_blastnz

Allium roseum is also known as rosy garlic. It is a gorgeous flower, but it can also be edible! It is a flower often linked to Portugal and Morocco, as well as Turkey. Growing up to 14-16 in. high (35-40 cm), this beauty naturalizes easily and will slowly spread through your yard.

7. Alstroemeria Flower

Alstroemeria Flower
Image Source:@dawns_gardening

Alstroemeria is also called the Peruvian lily. It is linked to the United States area, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. While they’ve traditionally been thought of as friendship flowers, they’ve recently become romantic flowers. You can even enjoy this bright beauty for your wedding day!

8. Alyssum Flower

Alyssum Flower
Image Source:@me.and.plants

A gorgeous bright purple/lilac flower that you will love in your back garden. It usually blooms in the spring or fall and you can find it mostly in Europe. This bush-like variety will grow up to 9 inches in height and you will find it in (mostly) white, pink and purple.

9. Amaranthus

Image Source:@gisleneh_flores

Amaranthus is a cosmopolitan genus of annual and short-lived perennial plants. It is also a shrub that will show its full glory and a splash of color if taken care of in the right way. If you plan on planting it yourself just know that pretty much any light (sandy), medium (loamy), or heavy (clay) soil will do.

10. Amaryllis Flower

Amaryllis Flower
Image Source:@mestergronn

This is a gorgeous pure white beauty that has a divine and unique scent! It is a native of the Western Cape region of South Africa. Amaryllis may be purchased as bare or pre-planted bulbs, and are prized for their exotic trumpet-shaped flowers. Do you want to plant them in your home or garden? Make sure you find a sunny, warm, indoor space for your plant.

11. Anemone Flower

Anemone Flower
Image Source:@vachonpatricia86

Anemone is linked to Australia and New Zealand. It is a beautiful kind that is also known as a windflower. Would you like to have this bright blue variety in your home? The bloom time extends from spring to fall and you can find this kind in several different colors.

12. Angelonia

Image Source:@harumi_flores01

Angelonia is a genus of around 30 species that occur from Mexico to Argentina. It looks a lot like a shrub and it will be a gorgeous addition to your yard thanks to its stunning color combo. This beauty will grow up to 18 inches and you can expect it to bloom in the summertime. The combination of flowers in pink, white and purple create a bright story.

13. Anthurium Flower

Anthurium Flower
Image Source:@greenthumbmnl

Anthurium is such a popular flower that you will comomonly find in bouquets. It is a beauty that many grandmothers also love to plant. If you try to maintain it yourself it is important not to overwater. Also, don’t place it in a lot of sun, as it might burn the flower.

14. Antirrhinum majus

Antirrhinum Majus
Image Source:@_paula_photography_

Antirrhinum majus is also known as Snapdragon. It can be sorted into 4 different kinds when it comes to size and length. If you want to play around with different colors and textures within one floral bouquet, this is a go-to flower! Go for yellow, pink, white, red, or purple to mix and match a fun design.

15. Aquilegia Flower

Aquilegia Flower
Image Source:@margaretabbs

Aquilegia is a genus of around 60–70 species of perennial plant. You will commonly find it in the Northern Hemisphere. Do you like this light lilac and white combo? In fact, there is a scented variety called Aquilegia ‘fragrans’ which has white /cream flowers. You can mix and match with different kinds for home use or in your garden.

16. Asclepias syriaca

Asclepias Syriaca
Image Source:@matc_botanyprof

Asclepias syriaca is also known as milkweed. You can find it all over the US, especially in the Rocky Mountains. But you can plant it yourself and expect it to grow up to 7 inches long. This beauty will bloom in the summertime. You will need a lot of sunlight for it to bloom. You won’t see this pink variety often, so purchase it the moment you find it!

17. Aster Flower

Aster Flower
Image Source:@paintervarsha

Aster flowers are one of the most popular kinds  out there. In fact, there are over 170+ varieties of Aster. You can find most of them in Europe. Purple is also the most common color for this beauty. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are easy to grow.

18. Astilbe

Image Source:@azizflowerz

Astilbe are so unique and chic and becoming more and more popular in homes or gardens. This beauty can grow from 6 inches to 2 feet. Aim for a moist ground and tend to it it regularly. It will look very modern when placed in a vase in your living room.

19. Astrantia Flower

Astrantia Flower
Image Source:@flowerona

Did you know that astrantia is also known as Hattie’s pincushion or masterwort? This kind is mostly found in Europe and Asia. The plants bloom from summer through fall in dense clusters. If you want to add an interesting pattern to your home or your garden, you will achieve it with this plant.

20. Aubreita deltoidea

Aubreita Deltoidea
Image Source:@meangreengarden

Lastly, how about this purple and lilac beauty? This is also known as a lilac bush. It can grow up to 9 inches long and will prefer full sun. You will like pairing it with other flowers in cottage gardens where its smell is divine.

Want Something New?

Ready to show your appreciation for these gorgeous flowers? If you’re a gardener or keen amateur who can maintain a healthy and rich-looking garden, you’re going to enjoy this detailed list. Let us know if you plan on planting or gifting some of these flowers, we can’t wait to see what you end up choosing.

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