White Cat Symbolism

White Cat Symbolism: Spiritual Meanings And Myths (2022 Updated)

Cats are on of our most beloved pets. Their delicate walk, cunning personality, and therapeutic purr, makes them  irresistible home-dwelling animals. Besides their loving nature, what do cats symbolize?

Few people know about the powerful symbolism associated with cats.It is exciting to know more about the spiritual meanings of cats, considering most people come across them every day. Today, we will look at these pets’ messages for us. Based on the color of their fur, these symbols might differ.

So let’s take the purest shade of them all and understand the spiritual myths of white cats.

The Overall Symbolism Of Cats

In terms of symbolism, cats have various connotations. They can represent evil aspects, like darkness or witchcraft, and positive aspects, such as spiritual enlightenment, balance, hope, wealth, or liberty.

The oldest symbolism of cats was attributed to Egyptian deities and Greek Goddesses. However, in more recent times cats were associated with evil, and ultimately with Halloween. Furthermore, cats were believed to have magical powers that implied even bringing the deceased back to life.

Some thought that these skills came from witches, demons, even Satan. Others claimed the ability of cats to heal their owners by simply sitting on the suffering body area. All these contradictory attributes of cats made them a  potent symbol of equilibrium invoked in people.

The cats’ spirit makes us patient and carefully observant. Cats teach us how to calculate our moves, be confident, and never give up the spirit of adventure. (1)

Cats’ Symbolism In Christianity

What does the Bible say about cats, considering some connect them with evil spirits? Well, cats in the Bible are presented chiefly as wild creatures. The biblical sayings relate these felines to their predatory nature.

Even so, biblical references to cats speak about their excellent characteristics as well, like clear judgment, strength, and wisdom.

Overall, when it comes to the symbolism of cats, it is clear that they can portray almost all aspects of human nature. Cats can illustrate majesty, power, and intelligence. These animals can be devoted protectors, but at the same time, they may represent a downfall.

Cats’ Spiritual Significance Based On Fur Color

Cats and spirituality have an amazingly close connection. These animals come with spiritual energy.

What is unique about cats is that they are most easily characterized by their fur color rather than their breed. Accordingly, each color comes with a separate symbolic meaning. White cats share a pure message. Besides their beauty and uniqueness, they have a great symbolism behind them.

White Cats Symbolism

White is the color that stands for purity and innocence. So it is no wonder that white cats symbolize peace, happiness, virtue, and good fortune.

Many even believe that white cats can have mystic powers and lead people towards self-love and exciting experiences. Some cultures go further with their beliefs and think that angels can take the form of white cats and appear in their lives to guide them.

Most cats are deaf at birth (2). However, they can feel the energy levels around. Compared to differently colored cats, white ones make less noise and have a holy vibration.

White Cats Behavior

White cats are calm, shy, and non-aggressive. If you compare cats of all colors, allegedly the white ones are the calmest and most shy ones. Furthermore, they are most tolerant and have saint-like vibes.

White cats love to stay close to their owners, and they emit positive vibrations in their homes. These lovely felines are like a lucky charm if people take care of them properly.

There are many other positive aspects and good vibes regarding the white cat’s spirituality. Let’s explore them all and understand what these felines represent.

White Cats Among Different Cultures

In most countries worldwide, it is believed that cats have nine lives. Every new existence represents new beginnings, so once a white cat crosses your path, it can bring hope or good luck.

It is also believed that cats have this strong sense and can feel the aura of a human being. As such, they would avoid those people who share negative energies. Furthermore, the furry pets will stay away from people who have committed heinous crimes and other malicious acts. There is no wonder that you cannot force a cat to come to you, you need to wait for them to trust you before they dare to get closer.

White Cats Spiritual Messages

1. Prosperity, Wealth and Money

Some believe that having a white cat in their homes is a charm for money and prosperity. If a white cat crosses your area, it means good news will start to appear, and money will come to you through an unexpected source.

Spiritually speaking, a white cat is meant to bring wealth and abundance into our lives.

White cats are said to attract only good souls and people who do beneficial acts. Hence, they can sense good or evil spirits from a distance and only get close to those who deserve extra happiness.

Some even believe that these animals connect with the astral world and commit supernatural act. Others say cats carry secret messages to bring to us, yet only spiritually ready individuals can understand the meaning.

2. Important Achievements

Mediterranean countries believe that once a white cat befriends a child, that youngster will achieve success in life. More than learning how to care about a pet, it seems like the white cat might be the lucky charm for a kid.

On the opposite side, if you consider adopting a cat as a pet and don’t take good care of it, then this negative behavior might attract bad luck. White cats are generally associated with good karma, and if you want them to share it with you, you need to take excellent care of them.

3. Enjoy Life

Cats are already known as sleeping beauties, as they can spend more than 15 hours per day resting (3). White cats are no exception,  they love to sleep for long periods, teaching people to take life more straightforwardly.

So if you are one of those people who are constantly chasing targets and goals, and become stressed out, you should learn to relax like white cats.

4. Healing

White cats are more likely to support human beings when they suffer, allegedly more than any other colors. Since white cats are spiritually developed, they are more attached to mother nature.

Accordingly, it is said that they possess stronger powers to heal, and their purr can enhance the physic state of their owners. (4)

The white color is also associated with good health. On top of that, the white color indicates cleanliness, purity, and good health. Therefore, finding a white cat is by far a sign of good health in the spirit world.

So, if you feel unwell or have experienced some sickness recently, just bring your white cat close to you and let them cuddle. Their healing capacity will help you and your loved ones recover much faster and feel like new again.

However, white cats rarely appear. So if you get to meet one, make sure you pay attention to it and receive its kind message.

5. Calculated Moves

White cats are intelligent animals, so they need to take only a few moves to surround and attack their prey.

These clever pets take only calculated moves and spend a lot of time observing prey and preparing their tactics. Consider white cats a sign coming from the universe. They teach you how to stay away from rash decisions, primarily based on emotions.

6. Good Luck

White cats are a sign of good luck and prosperity. In terms of spirituality, white cats attract good luck to the life of anyone who finds and takes care of them. For that reason, when you see a white cat, you can link its bright color to prosperity and good fortune.

7. Happiness

If you are crossing rough seas in your life, seeing a white cat might be a call for rejoicing. It is like the universe is sending a positive message to you.

White cats are a sign of happiness, bliss, and joy. So when you see these pure furry pets, take it as a sign that happy events are about to happen in your life.

8. Fresh New Beginnings

The white shade is the sign of fresh new beginnings. On a spiritual level, white cats come to tell you that the universe is preparing you for a fresh start.

Nevertheless, it is ok to recap all the things that happened to your recently and find the strength to write a happier story in the future.

9. Spiritual Awareness

White cats are the ideal match for spiritual enlightenment. Their power to see through the darkness and their white color symbolize light and knowledge. If you need more spiritual awareness, consider having a white cat around you. It is the ideal call for divine illumination for the soul.

A white cat helps you discover your spiritual abilities, strengths, and powers. Moreover, these therapeutic pets will lead you toward the universe’s vibration.

White Cat Superstitions

1. White cats are a call for liberty.

Stories say that white cats have refused to be smudged with other colors, so they can live free, without dealing with interference and boundaries. So there is no wonder that white cats have such serenity and liberty spirit.

Therefore, people looking for freedom should consider a white furry friend who can transfer this positive energy.

2. White cats are a sign of witches.

Primarily in Africa, cats and bats are linked to witchcraft actions. Therefore, when a white cat is walking down the dark streets, it is believed that a witch is present.

White cats carry different superstitions, but there is a twist here, considering they have white fur. Accordingly, they symbolize good witches, and they take good witchcraft energy that brings good luck into your life.

3. White cats bring prosperity.

In Japan, people believe that white cats bring good luck. This is why most Japanese homes keep a white cat doll at the entrance. White cats are considered to attract wealth and prosperity, and in Japan, they are called “Maneki-Neko” (5), or the waving-hand cats.

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