Is It Bad Luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet

Is It Bad Luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet?

Have you ever heard about the mystical power of an evil eye symbol? Many people only find out when they’re gifted a stone with the evil eye being drawn on it, or a piece of jewelry like a ring or a bracelet where the evil eye is either drawn or etched into the design. However, for everyone who believes in nature, symbolism, and ancient beliefs, the evil eye is a familiar term that they came across many times.

The opinions on the evil eye symbolism are quite split, especially when it comes to wearing such jewelry in countries that are less secular than other countries. However, people who believe in good fortune, good luck, and jinxing like to utilize some of the ancient symbols in their everyday activities.

The evil eye is just one of such symbols. However, it’s not so common to see it being shopped for oneself. Usually, the evil eye symbol or jewelry is gifted to other people as a totem or a talisman, when you want to protect another, a dear person from bad spirits and negative energy.

Many people who want to own an evil eye usually ask their friends or family to buy or gift them one. They are a popular souvenir on vacation destinations, especially Greece, where part of this belief has originated from. Many people are skeptical about buying them for themselves and don’t know, should they?

If you’re one of them and want to protect yourself from evil forces and negative energy you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the power of evil eye jewelry, particularly bracelets, as well as whether you should buy it for yourself on your own. The evil eye was studied for a long time so we’ll also talk about how to make the best out of it even if you purchase it on your own.

Although the evil eye is a symbol that has existed for a long time, through different studies it was also concluded it was used to contribute to development of ophthalmology and medicine.

What is The Evil Eye & What Does It Mean?

What is The Evil Eye & What Does It Mean
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The evil eye originates from ancient Greece, where it was first etched into the cups and other objects, as it wasn’t used immediately on jewelry like it is mostly used today.

Although it has a protective affinity towards the one that wears or holds it, it is initially a bad belief and a curse. In Greece, it is considered the universal symbol of protection. It was etched on cups so that when someone is drinking, the eye etched on the cup is pointed at someone else to reflect the bad luck and bring it to them.

Back when it was initially uncovered, it was supposed to represent the malevolent glare, that’d be pointed at someone when that person is not looking. It was first introduced in the 6th century BC and etched in the  Chalcidian drinking cups. At that time, it represented the use of apotropaic magic.

Throughout different times and tribes, the malevolent glare inside the evil eye was represented differently and managed to keep its meaning close to its original form till today. Now, many people still believe in the protective powers of the evil eye talisman.

By using it, many people want to protect other hostile eyes by pointing the eye at them and reflecting their negative energy and malicious wishes to the people who wish them.

However, even though the evil eye has protective features on the right person, it can be as malicious in the hands of the wrong person. That being said, if the person who wore it had negative energy stored in them and wished bad upon the others, then the evil eye would also channel the negative energy at those that it’s directed at, meaning it could bring misfortune on the way of your surroundings.

That’s why the evil eye works the best in the hands of someone who is modest, grounded, and humble and won’t wish bad upon others even when they have negative thoughts and hold grudges on them. Of course, the beliefs in the evil eye depend widely on the tribal and ancestral environment where this belief was nourished.

The evil eye is best used on people who have envious and jealous thoughts about you. If you’re wearing it, and some people feel this way about you, you can reflect their bad thoughts of you through the use of the evil eye bracelet.

Remember, be humble as the evil eye is a talisman, that can mean both good and bad, depending on what you feel like a person and whether you’re looking for protection or hostility towards those you feel threatened by.

Should You Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet?

Should You Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet
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As mentioned above, it’s not a common practice to buy the evil eye jewelry for yourself. Usually, it’s delivered like a gift, from your family member or a friend who wants to take care of you and your safety when they’re not present to do that for you. That’s when the evil eye talisman comes to the play.

If it’s gifted to you with pure intentions and desires, then the evil eye will have the protective energy on you and only work on those who want to spread the negative energy on you. But, what is happening when you’re the one who wants to protect yourself and decide to buy the jewelry for yourself?

Nothing, the evil eye bracelet, ring, or necklace won’t make difference between whether someone presented it to you, or you decided to treat yourself to one.

However, it’s important to note that your intentions with the bracelet need to remain pure and innocent, meaning that you only want to protect yourself and not intentionally inflict mental or emotional damage on another person by pointing the eye towards them.

Many people don’t know whether they mistakenly harbor some negative thoughts that the bracelet could notice and then lead to “cursing” someone by unintentionally pointing the eye towards them. However, the answer is that you can safely purchase the evil eye bracelet and protect yourself.

Carrying the right emotions, such as goodwill, humbleness, modesty and other positive traits will only lead to you using the bracelet, as well as the other evil eye jewelry in the right way. With these emotions, you’ll only be able to protect yourself further and not compromise yourself.

You should invest in the evil eye bracelet if you find yourself being too attentive about your environment and the people’s energy around you. Also, if you’re prone to be provoked, have short temper, and can’t choose words or means to solve a problem when angry, you should totally protect yourself from the negative energy by investing in the evil eye bracelet.

Different Evil Eye Colors & Their Meanings

The most common evil eye talisman is colored in the blue eye and surrounded by a dark blue background. It’s common on the rings and other jewelry, as well as painted stones. In this section, we’ll introduce you to the other colors and their meanings as well.

Black Stone – represents the symbol of power. It’s intended for those who want to be empowered to achieve their goals and gain success, whether it’s at school, in their career, sports, or some other action.

White Stone – is the stone of innocence and will look after everyone whose heart is clean and pure. It’s the most suitable for people who are prone to provocation and being tricked into doing wrong things. Everyone who feels like they’re too naïve should wear it.

Red Stone – Although not as frequently worn, the red stone is important because it symbolizes courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the strength that often comes when we want to solve our problems even though they scare us. It’s the ideal representation of people who want to overcome their hardships.

Yellow stone – brings good health and guidance to those who are healthy and strength and prosperity to those who are ill, as well as the fortune in their quick recovery from the ailment. It’s also given to children with weak immunity who need more protection from the negative energy.

Green Stone – if you want to introduce more vibrancy and happiness to your gloomy and sad days, green is the color to go. It’ll protect you from bad thoughts and pessimism while bringing you happiness and prosperity in the process.

Brown stone – is ideal for people with anxiety and paranoia. People who face panic attacks on a daily basis may find serenity and relaxation wearing the bracelet with the evil eye colored in brown color. It will also protect you from other people who want to instill fake confidence and panic into your routine. This stone is also suitable for those who want to bring more balance into their life.

Pink Stone – You may think that the pink stone is explicitly meant for girls and that no one else should wear them. However, it’s not exactly like that. It’ll also help you bring calmness and fight anxiety thoughts while helping tackle depression, fears, and bad dreams.

Purple Stone – works in a way that it’ll protect your family members, friends, and other loved ones. It is also a protection totem towards your significant other and will help fix relationship problems that you may come across.

Frequently Asked Questions About Evil Eye Bracelet

We tried to answer all the questions you may have about purchasing the evil eye bracelet for yourself. Make sure to read them and resolve potential problems that you have.

Can I Curse Myself If I Purchase The Evil Eye Bracelet For Myself?

No. When people are buying some product to protect themselves, they can’t curse themselves because it’s their belonging and they use it for their own protection. However, it’s always recommended to keep your mind pure and thoughts clean, so you wouldn’t feel any negative energy being spread on you and so that you can stay content with the humble protection powers that this bracelet contains.

Can You Throw Away The Evil Eye Bracelet?

You absolutely can. If you no longer feel like wearing it, all you have to do is throw it into the trash. The Evil Eye bracelets are primarily a piece of jewelry that may or may not match your style. Their secondary power is the protection features. If you no longer feel like wearing them, you can just throw them away.

A lot of people keep them in drawer because they’re too scared to dispose of them. That way, the bracelet will collect all the negative energy from your surroundings which can be pointed or channeled in the wrong direction. If you feel unsure about the energy you can always throw it away and not worry at all.

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  1. if i don’t want to wear the evil eye anymore . can i just throw out a new bracelet? will it give me bad luck?

    1. Actually, I am sure that you could give away or throw away any good object you no longer wished to have. You must have heard of charity shops which sell all kinds of things that have been given to them to make money for their cause. If you do not wish to wear an eyed bracelet, you could perhaps give it away or simply dispose of it without any ill effects. It should not be considered disrespectful to the item and if you are worried about bad luck then go ahead and buy another one for yourself.

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