Black and White Feather Meaning

Black and White Feather Meaning: Spirituality, Luck, and Symbolism

If a black and white feather has fluttered into your life recently, don’t just sweep it away! Seeing a black and white feather – whether it’s stripped, dotted, or mottled – can be a sign from the universe or angels. Feathers are commonly used by angels to send signals, particularly white ones. You really can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to discover what this symbol means.

In our guide, we’ll explain exactly what the black and white feather means for spirituality, life, love, and fortune. We’ll also give you 5 common interpretations that can be drawn from the black and white feather, to help you plan your next move accordingly.

Black and White Feather Meaning

Black and white symbolism is as clear as night and day. Black represents darkness, death, mystery, grieving and deceit. White, on the other hand, represents clarity, spirituality, goodness, daytime, and peace.

But when you put the two together, black and white create a balance. Many religions and cultures focus on a balance of black and white. They are polar opposites, for example:

  • Heaven and hell,
  • Yin and yang,
  • Good and bad,
  • Innocent and guilty,
  • Death and life.

Feathers have their own symbolism that is a little more complex than the simple nature of black and white – we’ll explore that in a moment. But when you combine black and white symbolism with feathers, you often reach the conclusion that they are messages from God, delivered by angels.

Angels, famed for having feathery wings, can leave messages in a number of ways. Repeated number sequences are common, and so are unusual symbols – usually items that seem to be just for you. If you come across a black and white feather in a busy park, for example, and no one else notices it but you, this could be a very personal message from angels.

Birds That Leave Black and White Feathers

Birds That Leave Black and White Feathers

Although the feather has been left there by divine intervention, the feather itself came from a bird. The type of bird can be significant, so it is worth knowing which bird species have black and white feathers.

  • Magpies
  • Crows
  • Vultures
  • Ostrich
  • Gulls
  • Pigeons
  • Woodpeckers
  • Cranes
  • Ducks
  • Barn owls
  • Certain falcon and hawk species, like the collared forest falcon

Feather Symbolism

Feather Symbolism

Feathers are a divine symbol in many religions, but it also symbolizes many other things outside of spirituality.

As feathers are from birds, they’re typically associated with flight – flying away from troubles, escaping, and freedom in general. Feathers are also a sign of transcendence. You can rise above troubles, rise above bad influences, and even rise up to heaven. You might find that feathers appear in your life when you need to make a swift decision and change for the better. You may also find them when you are on the right path – the path to righteousness.

Feathers in Religion

“Feathers appear when angels are near” is a common phrase that you may have heard. For Christianity especially, seeing a fallen (or falling) feather is a message from an angel.

Other religions have different feather meanings. The Ancient Egyptians, for example, associated feathers with the goddess of justice and order. Native American cultures also used feathers to symbolize and create deeper meanings – they are key to many creation myths and feathers themselves are sacred, used to create weapons, clothing, jewelry, and dreamcatchers.

Feathered Spirit Animals and Animal Guides

Feathered Spirit Animals and Animal Guides

If you frequently see feathers throughout your life, it could also be a sign that your spirit animal or animal guide is a bird.

  • Bird spirit animal – you have many traits that are common of birds, including freedom and a desire for spiritual growth.
  • Bird animal guide – birds are guiding you throughout life and you may see feathers at important milestones and crossroads on your spiritual journey.

5 Interpretations of Black and White Feathers

These are 5 generalized interpretations of the black and white feather. If one of our interpretations applies to your life, then take note of what it means. Some interpretations are a warning, some are a gift, and some are just a nudge or acknowledgement of where you are currently in your spiritual journey.

Consult your spiritual medium for a more detailed analysis and bespoke advice.

A Change is Coming

The black and white feather is made up of two parts – the black, and the white. This interpretation applies best to feathers that have either a clear defined line between black and white, or an ombre type effect, fading slowly from black to white. If you have spots or marks, see the other interpretations below.

As the feather has two distinct areas, one black and one white, it often signifies that a change is coming. And it will be quite a drastic change! You will go from one side of the coin to another – from black to white, or white to black.

If the feather is faded or slowly changes from white at one end to black on the other, this can also signify that the change will come on slowly or gradually. Nonetheless, it will still be a very significant change in your life.

Find Your Balance

Like yin and yang, there is a balance of forces in your life. They may be so obvious that they’re “good and bad” or it may be more subtle. These forces are interconnected, and you cannot have one without the other… but that doesn’t mean they are always working together harmoniously.

If you lean too much to one side, or too much to the other, this balance tips. Consequences of spiritual unbalance could be felt in your mental and physical health, your relationships with others, and your general faith and spirituality.

Seeing a white and black feather can be a symbol of this balance. The feather could be just a message from above to say “you’re perfectly balanced, well done” or it could be a warning that you need to do more to maintain a balance in your life.

Exactly what the balance is about, and what sphere of your life it effects, only you will know.

An Angel’s Warning

An Angel’s Warning

Typically, all white symbolism is a key indicator of the divine. A white feather is often interpreted as a message sent by angels, often telling you that you are protected, under the watch of angels, and on the right path in life. You are following your fate.

However, black marks on an overall white feather can be a warning from the angels. It can signify that something good in your life is being corrupted (see interpretation below) or that something good will turn bad. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about it.

If the angels are forewarning you, pay attention and watch out for anything good in your life that is starting to turn sour – a relationship, a job, your health, or any other aspect of your life that is important to you.

Poison or Corruption

Following on from the last interpretation, a white feather with dark marks is a general sign of corruption. If you are receiving it as a warning, it could be a sign that someone or something has recently entered your life and is up to no good. It could be a person with bad intentions, a hobby or activity that’s bad for your spiritual health, or even a relapse – drugs, alcohol, or just too much chocolate!

But don’t panic if you see a black and white feather. This is your chance to turn it all around. Start by assessing the main spheres of your life – health, relationships, career, activities. Has something new suddenly appeared? If so, judge it cautiously before accepting it into your life.

If you need help pinpointing the area of your life that the black mark could refer to, consult your spiritual medium.

Cycles and Phases

A feather that has both black and white marks – and no other colors – indicates frequent changes. If your feather has black and white stripes that alternate, then this could be interpreted in a few ways:

  • You often go from one polar opposite to the other – you need to decide where you stand,
  • You have unhealthy cycles and addictions in your life, and need to go straight,
  • You need to break the cycle of a relationship that’s always off and on,
  • There’s a lot of uncertainty about your future and it could go one way or the other – you’re at a crossroads.

The best thing to do if you get this interpretation is to take a break. Pause and think. Meditate if you can and assess any areas that are always fluctuating in your life. You may need to make some tough decisions but be strong. Your actions will be rewarded with the pure white feather of the angels watching over you!

Different Feather Markings and Patterns

Pay attention to the shapes and patterns of the black and white marks on your feather.

  • Stripes – indicates cycles and repetition in your life that needs to be straightened out.
  • Spots – corruption and black marks that are slowly invading your life. Pay attention to the number of black or white spots too, as this may be an angel number.
  • Ombre – if it fades from black at one end (or side) to white on the other, this ombre effect can signify gradual yet immense changes to your life.
  • Tips – if the tip of the feather is a solid black or white, with the body of the feather the opposite color, then this can indicate that you are unbalanced. Rather than 50% black and 50% white, you are tilting one way or the other.

The size of the feather may also be relevant. A large feather doesn’t just represent a larger message, it also indicates adulthood. Smaller, fluffy feathers with more down attached, can represent childhood.

So, if you receive a small, fluffy black and white feather, it can be a sign that childhood issues are resurfacing (especially if you see stripes, indicating a recurring pattern).


Some feathers are considered lucky and some are unlucky. It all depends on the type of bird the features come from. If you are unable to identify the bird from which the feather originated, don’t worry too much – just focus on what the patterns can be interpreted as.

Lucky feathers come from divine birds, such as doves, as well as peacocks, hummingbirds and robins. Lucky birds that spawn black and white feathers include woodpeckers, cranes, ducks, pigeons and stalks. If you find a lucky feather that’s black and white, then it usually has a favorable message attached – a change for the good, white will prevail!

Unlucky feathers come mainly from predator birds and thankfully, they’re quite difficult to come across in most parts of the world and are usually brown. However, black feathers from crows and ravens are undoubtedly bad omens, and also watch out for black and white vulture feathers, as they are also bad luck. If you know your bird feathers and see a vulture, crow or raven feather, take is a warning that something bad is coming – even death. Whatever you do, don’t pick it up!


Are feathers lucky?

Yes, some feathers are lucky particularly those from divine birds such as doves. Other bird feathers, particularly black feathers from crows and ravens, are very much bad luck. Don’t panic if you see an unlucky feather, just don’t pick it up, and keep your eyes peeled for bad omens elsewhere in your life.

Which birds have black and white feathers?

Magpies, woodpeckers, and many pigeon/dove species naturally have black and white feathers. Other bird species, such as crows, have completely black feathers and should be avoided.

What do black and white feathers mean?

Black and white feathers typically represent balance, recurring patterns, or corruption. It can often mean that you need to make a choice or reassess your life. Like yin and yang, a black and white feather is all about the balance of good and bad.

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