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Candle Flame Meaning: Blue Flame, Dancing, Jumping, Flickering, Tall

For the longest time, candles and their respective flames held an important position in the society of humans. Practical, traditional, cultural, and religious use of candles has been seen in most civilizations that have existed and been built on Earth. Although candles had a practical use of lighting up the rooms at night, they also had important spiritual symbolism that has been connected with many religions that existed.

But, did you know that the candle flame also holds important symbolism and meaning in the tradition of many civilizations? They used them to communicate with the spirit and the way the candle flame would behave would indicate different answers and behavioral patterns.

Perhaps, the spirits were telling priests and shamans something, as well as giving the omens that are important for the future of that very civilization. Perhaps, you encountered a similar behavior of a candle and are wondering what could it mean for you and your future. You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to explore the origins of the candle flame meanings, as well as what does the different behavior of the candle flame mean in different cultures. After reading this article, you’ll be well-versed with when the candle flame is trying to talk with you.

With time, your mind will become nimbler and you’ll improve your symbolism reading skills, understanding everything that the flame is trying to tell you. It’s not an easy task, but if you read our article, and practice your eye for the details, your skills will improve gradually.

It’s important to note that the shape of the burning flame depends on the situation you are in, as well as the time of the occurrence and the environment you’re in. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to read the flame regardless of the factors, but it’s important to focus on what the spirits are trying to tell you.

Origin of Candle Flame Meaning

The candle flame held important symbolism for a very long time. It can be said that the candle flame symbol represents the source of our creation according to some cultures. Some of them have believed that the candle flame means that the outer spirits are speaking with our soul from within. It is also believed that the flame was the thread that should unite all of humanity.

A lot of cultures also looked at the candle wick symbolism rather than the flame as the whole, considering it the essence of the candle, which is exactly what’s trying to communicate with us, giving the flame its energy and strength to sway and move back and forth.

That’s why a lot of people who practice spiritual teachings of the other cultures focus on the size and shape of the wick before attempting to speak with the spiritual world.

Some cultures believed that the candle is the physical body of the human, and the flame is the spirit or soul, while the wick is the mind.

According to, the first candles have originated more than 5,000 years ago. Nevertheless, it’s still unclear which culture used them first, and there’s not much known about their deeper origin and existence.

The first recorded use of the candles and their symbolic purpose is recorded in Ancient Egypt. Of course, they initially used torches and rushlights, but that later transformed into the use of candles. They’d use the reed core and soak it into the animal fat.

The candles that were used in Ancient Egypt don’t look like the candles we use today too much. The candles didn’t have a wick like those that we use today, so it can’t be officially said that Egypt initially used candles as we know them.

The first wicked candles were believed to also be used by the Ancient Egyptians, but more than 2,000 years later, in 3,000 B.C. it is believed they started using them. Still, some believe that the ancient Romans were officially those who started using wicked candles after the Egyptians, using melted tallow and beeswax.

The candles made out of beeswax and having wick were mostly used at homes to light them up. Some travelers also used them to have an easier time traveling at night. Other than the ancient Romans, it’s also believed that other civilizations used beeswax to make wicked candles.

One of them was the Chinese civilization. They are believed to have made candles from paper tubes, rice paper for the wick, and wax from different insects that are native to China. The Japanese people made wax from tree nuts and also designed candles. Finally, Indians were boiling the cinnamon tree fruits and molded them into candles.

Candles and candle flames also play an important part in religious ceremonies, like Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights in Judaism. Lighting candles on a special kind of dish originates in 165 B.C. In Christianity, people who visit the Church light up the candles to mark the souls of those who died.

Particularly, in Orthodox Christianity, the candles are lit up in Church to pay tribute to the dead, but also to bless the living. Every Orthodox Christian church has two shelves, one on the bottom and one on the top. The top shelf is used for the candles for the living while people light candles on the bottom shelf to pay tribute to those who are gone.

The use of candles during the Easter service is also known in Christianity, where Emperor Constantine called for this rule to start being applied during the 4th century Easter season, after which the culture persisted.

Different Candle Flame Meanings

There are many candle flame meanings to explore, we noted the most important meanings you should be aware of below, continue reading to learn more!

Colored Candle Flame Like Blue

Whether you’ve known that before or not, we’ll mention it here again, candle flames can come in different colors. The most common flames you may see are the yellow flame, red flame, or blue flame.

While the yellow flame is most commonly seen, it represents neutral, mundane energy. The same goes for the red flame, even though many acknowledge that it may have a negative connotation, like action or danger. Still, you shouldn’t be concerned if you see the red flame.

As opposed to the common flames, the blue flame has the highest power of them all, but it’s also a rare sighting to behold. It is believed that the flame will turn blue when there’s an angelic or some other divine presence in the room or your surroundings.

In some other cultures, they believe that you’ve been visited by a fairy, spirit, or some other invisible creature if the flame will turn blue on a candle. You shouldn’t be scared of this change, that means that you’re protected by the divine being.

White Flame

The white flame is fairly similar to the blue flame, and will also represent the manifestation of a divine spirit in pagan religions. Sometimes, you may be encountered with a white flame that resembles the color of the moon which represents peace, life, protection, purity, and healing.

It also may mean that you should feel safe and protected when you sleep, as the good spirits united to keep you safe and sound and improve your sleep.

Jumping Candle Flame

There are two key candle flame meanings you should know about at all times, one of them is the jumping flame, and the other one is the flickering flame, which we’ll detail more below.

If you saw the candle that had a flame that jumped, it may indicate that you or someone in your surroundings is angry. Anger is often associated with love. Perhaps, you argued with your significant other that left one of you, or both of you angry.

The anger often leads to bad consequences, which is what this candle flame meaning is trying to warn you about.

Flickering Candle Flame

Flickering candle flames are a common sign that something spiritual surrounds you. However, in order to find out what, you should use your eye for the details to learn more about which way is the candle flame moving.

Sometimes, a flickering candle can mean that some prayers have been made and that they were heard and successful. However, you have to see towards which side is the flame moving in order to see better what’s intended for you.

  • North: If the flame flickers towards the north, it means that no magic was involved and that the presence surrounding you is likely in a physical form. Perhaps, you’ll get visited by someone who you either like or dislike.
  • East: If the candle flame is flickering towards the east, it means that the spirit is active.
  • South: If the flame is flickering towards the south, you’re likely putting borders on your energy, which is applied to you physically. You’re not using your full potential because you keep stopping yourself from it.
  • West: If you’re surrounded by strong and deep emotions that affect you at a deep level, they are likely the result of a spell.

Candle that Crackles

If you hear a crackling candle, it means that something is trying to communicate with you. However, depending on how much the candle is crackling also depends on what the message is conveyed, and how strong it is.

If you hear consistent and noisy crackling in the candle flame, it means that there’s a negative force created out of someone’s dislike for you. If you’re conducting some spiritual ritual and this continues happening, you can either light up more candles to repel the negative energy or listen to the spirit that says that now is not the right time to do it.

If this continues happening, you should consider taking some other location to perform your spiritual rituals.

Candle Flame That is Constantly Going Out

If the candle flame you lit up keeps going out and is hard to light up on, it means that the prayer you spoke has been heard, or that your ritual has come to an end. Even if it happens earlier than you’d expect it, it means that the work you intended to do when lighting the candle has been put away.

If you intend to light up the candle it means, that means you have a new prayer to be said that will keep the flame lit up. In other symbolism, it can mean that the spirit that heard your prayer doesn’t want to proceed with it and has rejected it. You can either try again or change the spell you wanted to manifest.

Tall Flame

When the flame is strong and tall, this has a good meaning, for you, your prayers and spells. If you’re going through a struggle or some kind of a challenge and you prayed for success, the candle flame is trying to say that you have the energy to fulfill your goals and move forward with your intentions.

It means that you’re at the height of the task, and you should continue moving forward to achieve your goal. The flame also needs to be strong, which is the reflection of confidence in the given task.

A Popping Flame

If doing your prayer, spell, or ritual, the flame starts making a popping sign, this doesn’t have a good meaning for you and your spells. It is a reflection of rejection or just a negative communication between you, the spirits, and your intentions.

The tone of the communication with the spirits you have always depended on the reason why you burn a candle. For example, you may have negative intentions for the person you’re burning a candle for. In other examples, you could be the object of someone’s negative communication or something else.

Finally, it can mean that someone intends to hurt you, so the popping sound may also represent danger.

Dual Flames

When the candle flame splits into two, it means that two energies are fighting between one another. Usually, there are dual flames, but there can also be more than two in case there’s a larger internal or external conflict.

It’s said that the energies are rather clashing for dominance rather than working together. Sometimes, we aren’t sure about our prayers and intentions, and the dual flame represents our internal struggle to make the right decision that will make both you and others happy.

It can also mean that the power of your spell is battling the power of some negative spell being cast on you.

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