Dreams About Dead Relatives Meaning

Dreams About Dead Relatives (7 General Meanings And 7 Deeper Meaning)

Losing a loved one, friend, relative or parent carries a different level of pain that no one wants to experience. It can change your habits, your personality, and simply put – your life. Having a dream about your relative passing away, or a dead relative being alive in the dream is extremely stressful, especially if you can’t make a difference between the dream and reality and wake up being excited that you’ll see them again.

No one, but you know what kind of pain and other emotions you experienced when someone dear to you died, which is why the dreams about dead relatives, especially if they’re doing something unusual, or something that scares you in the dream.

Psychology shows that people dream about their relatives if they lost them recently, but situation is a bit deeper if it happens frequently and repeats.

Strong and vivid dreams can occur if you’ve been thinking about your dead relative before bed, or even throughout the day, so your subconsciousness may have been encouraged to dream about your dead relative, in a situation that may have been grim because of the whole situation you are in.

However, if you have repetitive dreams about your dead relative that don’t seem to stop, and even repeat the same way they did last time, there may be some spirituality involved in the dream.

Maybe your subconsciousness is looking for answers that you weren’t able to get during the day, especially if your dead relative died in an accident or some other tragic event. Nevertheless, there are a lot of meanings behind dreaming about the dead relative.

Those meanings can be both good and bad, so it’s best to consider the situation you were in when the dream occurred, and focus on other elements that made the dream this vivid.

In this article, we’re going to explore the meanings behind seeing your beloved relative in your dream, what those dreams are trying to tell you, and how they’ll affect your future. Keep in mind that seeing a dead relative in a dream may often mean nothing at all except that you miss them, but it’s still good to explore all the possibilities.

Dreams About Dead Relatives: 7 General Meanings

As mentioned earlier, there can be some general meanings behind dreams about dead relatives. The first meaning can be that you miss them a lot and the emotions that allow you to cope with the loss are manifesting in your dreams. Here are some of the other generalized meanings to know about.

1. The Weather May Change

In some cultures, there’s a traditional belief that dreaming about someone dead, particularly a relative or a family member may predict a change in weather that will occur soon in the future. Sometimes, when the weather hasn’t been changing for a long time in the sense that it was very hot, the dream about a dead relative is saying that it’ll soon rain, or that it’ll get a bit colder than usual.

Similarly, when there’s a long and cold winter with a lot of dark clouds, snow, blizzard, and other things that make the winter bad, a dream with your dead relative can indicate that better and warmer days are coming. Sometimes these dreams occur during the seasonal changes and transitions from winter into the spring and summer into the fall.

2. Guilt

Accidents happen, and if there were some unfinished business or conversations with your dead relative, you may be feeling guilt. Perhaps, they wanted to tell you something and you were too busy and told them that they’ll tell you later, and when the accident happened.

Dreaming about them after they died may remind you of the unfinished conversations you had. Maybe you wished you told them something but didn’t, so your conscience is reminding you of that in your sleep.

3. The Wound is Still Very Fresh

If your relative died recently, you’re likely dreaming about them a lot. Moreover, if you were extremely close to your relative, if they’re a close family member, it’s becoming harder and harder to get used to life without them. The wound is still too fresh and everything you say or do reminds you of them.

If it’s only been a couple of days, weeks, or even months, it’s normal that you’ll drink about them, especially if a lot of your every day included common tasks and spending time together. Your mind is simply getting used to not seeing them.

4. They May Be Bothered by Something

We mentioned earlier that you may be feeling guilty because of the death of your relative. However, one traditional belief may have it that they are feeling distressed or guilty because they treated you a certain way during their life, which resulted in them appearing in your dreams and trying to make it up to you.

This belief is usually not long-lived, but if the person in your dream is happy, smiling, and you’re doing good things that used to make both of you very happy in the past, it could indicate this meaning.

5. Warning

Sometimes, dreaming about a dead relative could represent a warning. It’s not necessarily an extremely bad thing, but the possibility that you’ll have hard days at work or that you’ll suffer from a small cold or flu.

The loved one in your dream may also warn you that some challenges regarding work, studies, or family matters are coming, but also encourage you that you have all the necessary strength and skills to overcome those challenges and hardships.

They are trying to remind you that you’re not alone in your hardships and that they live on in your heart and soul. They are there also to remind you about the never-ending love in your life, and that there are also your family members, friends, and loved ones to support you through these challenging times.

6. Lack of Balance

Life is believed to be designed in a way that there should be a balance of good events and bad events. People usually think that while the occurrence of bad and good things in life is equal, it’s always those bad events that kick us out of our balance and cause us to struggle.

A dream of your deceased relative reminds you that you shouldn’t push yourself too hard and that it’s okay to rest. Perhaps, you feel like you’re getting out of balance, and you are struggling to figure those things out.

You may have also been missing out on family events and are getting a little lonely. Your friends and family miss you and your dead relative inside of your dream reminds you that while grief is an important component of healing, you shouldn’t miss out on good times with friends and family.

7. Change

If the person you saw in the dream died recently, the possible meanings are that you’re going to encounter major changes in your life. You’ll take important opportunities and also make decisions that will change your whole life.

Those changes don’t always represent something bad, as they can have positive meanings too. Those dreams are more likely to reflect you starting a new job, meeting a new person that you will develop a deep connection with, starting new studies, or even traveling and discovering yourself.

You can see that dreaming about dead relatives is often about a change. The dead relative is usually preparing you to take that chance and be prepared for it by receiving the necessary guidance you need.

Dreams About Dead Relatives: 7 Deeper Meaning

As you may know, when you dream of a certain person, you’re usually doing something with him or her. That being said, let’s analyze different meanings of the dreams where you encounter a dead relative.

8. Dreams About Talking With Your Dead Relative

Dreams, where you find yourself talking to your dead relative, are the most common dreams of this type and they oftentimes occur soon after the person passed.

You usually talk about the cause of their death and how it felt for them, but the dream is so vivid, that in the end, you forget all the important bits of that conversation.

In other situations, this dream can mean that you need guidance from them. Your relative was a clever and wise person who you could always go to for advice.

However, that’s not the case now, which is why you’re seeking their help with your dream.  These dreams sometimes give people the necessary strength, and a little bit of luck to overcome their crises.

9. Having a Meal With a Dead Relative

In some cultures, dreaming that you are eating with a dead relative sometimes has bad meanings. One of the meanings is that you’re greedy and selfish, while some meanings could even hint at death. This is not necessarily your death or the death of someone you love, but rather a death of a habit or something you used to do in the past.

If you’ve been just sitting at a table and your dead relative was eating fast, it means that in the future you’ll make a wise decision, or say something wise in some uncomfortable situation.

Other meanings of these events include having a long and prosperous life. It is often dreamt of by people who are overwhelmed by different life challenges, as well as those who suffer from some illness. If you’re sick and have this dream, it means that you’re going to recover soon.

This dream also has good meanings for people who run a business. It means that your business is going to grow in the future.

10. Dream Where You Travel With a Dead Relative

Dreams where you go on a trip with your relative, or you travel to different destinations mean that you’re going to feel lonely. Perhaps, you’re to face some issues that you will have to fix alone. It also means that you’re too scared to ask other people for help in case of solving those problems.

Another meaning can be that you’re struggling to make friends and trust people from your environment and that no one understands your feelings and what you’re going through.

11. Dreams About Your Relative Being Happy & Smiling

While dreams about a dead relative with who they are happy should have only positive meanings, this dream can likely have double meanings. In this case, it’s important to observe the context inside your dream, meaning why your relative is smiling and what made them happy.

If your dead relative is happy and smiling in your dream that feels warm and comforting which means that they are proud of you and how far you’ve come. It can also mean that you miss them and the feelings they used to cause you while they were still alive.

However, if your relative is smiling in a negative context, there’s a possibility that you are feeling sad and guilty. When you can’t decide the context of your dream, you should try thinking about the relationship you had with that person.

12. Dreams About Hugging With Your Dead Relative

Hugging a deceased relative in your dream means that you’re going to feel happy and stress-free in the coming days and weeks. You should feel accomplished because you completed various tasks and jobs that allowed you to get to this point.

The warmth of the hug usually indicates that you’re going to feel relaxed and that your conscience is clean. It also means that you’re starting to heal and your dead relative is proud of you.

13. Dreams About Your Relative Trying to make You Go Somewhere

In case you dream that your relative asked you to follow them, or invited to you go to a certain place, there’s a possibility that this is a negative dream where you’ll be in a danger. It sometimes indicates health problems too.

If a person is trying to stop you from going there, it’s possible that this person will help you overcome this danger. In case you get sick, this person will also look after you.

14. Dreams About a Dead Relative Offering You Food

If your relative offers you food in a dream, it means that you’ll be surrounded by positive energy and that you’ll also feel nourished.

It can also indicate that you’re going to meet someone new who will make your life happier, and with who you’ll make a deep connection. You’ll develop a strong romantic relationship that can lead to family expansion and marriage.

This dream can also mean that you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening and that you’re meeting the inner self that allows you to heal from bad memories and the grieving processing of loss.

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