Blue Butterfly Symbolism

The Spiritual Meaning of Blue Butterfly: Symbolism, Omens (2022 Updated)

Butterflies have been flying the world for millions of years, spreading their wings and dust and being vast contributors to the pollination and growth in nature. Their long and tedious transformation from a larvae to a butterfly is rewarded with mesmerizing, wide wings that carry them along with the wind from flower to flower. Nature playfully gifted them with different patterns and textures so that it’s almost impossible to make a difference between species unless you’re a zoologist with a keen eye to the details.

However, one thing that makes all butterflies seem inferior is the beautiful blue shade butterfly edged with black ends. Many people who encounter this butterfly feel like the spirits are trying to tell them something or that they are connected to nature on a deeper level.

The blue butterfly symbolism is usually influenced by the general symbolism tied to a sighting of a butterfly. Butterflies symbolize peace, transformation, healing, joy, innocence, and many other things. The same case is for the blue butterfly.

Still, given its pristine and majestic look, and it’s being one of the largest butterflies in the world, the symbolism is much deeper and more special for those who see it. After all, a blue butterfly is a relatively rare sighting so the person who saw it must feel quite special.

In some animated shows and movies, seeing a blue butterfly was usually a sign of concern, which is why many people are worried that the butterfly represents bad luck and are worried about what to do to reverse the curse in case it was inflicted on them.

But there’s no reason to worry, butterflies mostly don’t come with a negative meaning, which is why blue butterflies are no exception to that rule. If you’d like to learn more about the blue butterfly symbolism, we suggest you continue reading this article and inform yourself of the different meanings in encounters with blue butterflies.

As you may know, the blue color was always defined as something peaceful and serene. The blue color alone has various meanings. For many people, the azure skies and beach water feels calming and therapeutic.

In addition to being calming, the blue color will also relax you and provide the spiritual depth necessary to make deep and calculated decisions, especially for deep-minded people who need to think a lot before being sure about making the right choice.

Plants that carry the blue color usually stand out compared to other plants and nature that surround them. It’s easy to catch your attention and think about whether there’s a deeper meaning to that sighting. The same goes for blue butterflies because they’re not only vibrant and majestic, they’re also quite larger compared to other butterflies.

The most popular and prominent blue butterfly is the Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides.) It takes pride in large and vibrant bright blue wings that shine in the sunlight and the moonlight. It’s edged with a black, yet sophisticated shade that points out the blue color to deter the predators.

The Blue Morpho has considered among the largest butterflies in the world thanks to its 8-inch wings. It has gotten it’s color thanks to the tiny scales that reflect the light on the back of its wings, which provide the iridescent shine the butterfly flaunts. Surprisingly, the underside of the wings is brown, and not as exciting.

They’re most prominent in the tropical forests in South America, particularly the Amazonian forest. Nevertheless, it can be found in Colombia and even Mexico. Adult butterflies will live on the floor, collecting nutrients and keeping their wings folded.

Once they start mating with other butterflies, they’ll fly across their habitat to attract potential mates. As it flies, the upper iridescent wings flash upon the brown-sided wings which make the butterfly look as if it’s appearing and disappearing, which contributes to its mystical symbolism. According to National Geographic, that’s a true butterfly effect in blue morphos.

The real-life circumstances of the Blue morphos are a true inspiration for their symbolism. Their biggest enemy is deforestation, which widely takes place in the Amazon forest. As you know, humans are to blame for deforestation, so seeing a blue butterfly may symbolize that we shouldn’t be so harsh towards nature, and be more mindful instead.

There are other types of blue butterflies in the world besides blue morpho, although the blue morpho is most stunning. Common blue butterflies are present in the British island and Ireland, but just like other butterfly species in Europe, common blues also suffer from rapid butterfly decline in Europe, as per study. Thanks to research around the world, blue butterflies are being preserved.

Origin of Blue Butterfly Symbolism

Butterflies have quite strong symbolism that originated from different stories and legends. However, given that the blue butterflies are not so common sign, there are not as many legends and stories that were written down.

Most of the currently-available symbolism is tied to Christianity, as well as Mayans, although their butterfly symbolism was more tied to butterflies in particular and wasn’t limited to Blue Morpho. In Chinese symbolism, it can also express love and the undying bond between two people who love one another.

As we mentioned earlier, the main symbolism of the blue butterfly can be found in Christianity. Some artistic depictions of Jesus Christ show Jesus holding a butterfly. Jesus is the symbol of life, death, and resurrection, which can be closely tied to the butterflies and the period of their transition from caterpillar to butterfly.

Some paintings and other forms of art also show butterflies as an important symbol in heaven. Sometimes, a butterfly is represented as the soul which was given to Adam by God. As rebirth is sometimes described in other religions, it’s safe to believe that the blue butterfly could be used as the symbol of that.

In old Egypt, it was believed that once a person dies, their soul leaves the physical form and continues living eternally, either as a butterfly, or that butterflies are closely related to it. In Greece, a similar belief was respected, especially throughout its mythology of Eros and Psyche.

Blue Butterfly Meanings

As you can see, the origin of blue butterfly symbolism is mostly portrayed as the origin of general butterflies. However, their pristine appearance may enrich these stories and give them more shine. Nevertheless, there are some meanings and omens that are related solely to the blue butterflies.

Continue reading below and learn about the blue butterfly symbolism from different folklore and customs. People living in different locations and with different beliefs have a specific perception of the blue butterfly symbolism.


As mentioned before, there’s a lot of general butterfly symbolism when it comes to the blue butterflies. After all, just like their cousins and relatives, blue butterflies also pass a long path from being a caterpillar to being snug and closed as larvae until the day that they become a butterfly.

Just like butterflies, we humans go through different transformations in life. Although we don’t take the same path as blue butterflies, our appearance changes over years, we expand knowledge, we gain wisdom, and learn new skills and experiences.

Some situations change humans, as they’re influenced by their environment, circumstances, and the people that surround them. Through that transformation, they let go of the painful attachments and everything else that limits them in every possible way. That’s why blue butterflies showcase the strongest individuals that have the power and strength to release themselves from the chains of the past and move on.


Yes, blue butterflies are particularly stunning and breath-taking, thanks to the iridescence on their wings. It can nearly be compared to the beauty and purity of the innocent human soul. And, who’s more innocent and curious than children?

Children are inquisitive and that showcases the beauty of their soul. Still, it doesn’t only apply to children, as humans are curious, and like exploring new things like the butterflies fly from a flower to a flower to explore the nectar they have to offer.

The beauty in the human soul showcases our ability to accept the things we can’t change, to help, to love, and finally forgive those who wronged us, even if they didn’t realize the mistake they’re made. In the same way, we can compare the beauty of human personality in its pure sense to innocent butterfly wings that explore the world.


We just mentioned how blue butterflies freely jump from a flower to a flower and can fly anywhere they want. It’s known that the blue butterflies are particularly larger compared to other butterflies in nature, thanks to their large wings that carry them where they want.

People who believe in the freedom of their choice and whereabouts have a lot of to look up to when it comes to the blue butterfly. If you feel anxious about moving on your own and achieving your goals alone, an encounter with a blue butterfly might want to tell you that it’s time to take your future into your own hands.

Choosing freedom over things that may stop us from achieving what we want can often feel scary, but the encounter with the blue butterfly should ensure you that you’re doing the right thing and that it will prove fruitful for you.


A lot of people wonder whether the resurrection and transformation symbolisms in blue butterflies and butterflies, in general, are the same terms, but they’re not. Transformation can often mean an even more positive change that originated from the positive change.

Resurrection usually refers to the afterlife. There is a belief that butterflies are the souls of family members that have died, coming to visit you and reassuring you that they are in a better place now. Another interpretation of the resurrection symbolism refers to your emotional resurrection.

A blue butterfly may show up to those who have been deeply emotionally wounded by their friend, lover, or family member. It can be a healing power coming your way after you suffered a great injustice, loss, grief, or pain, like after losing a family member or confronting a serious health problem.


Another meaning of the blue butterfly is peace. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, blue is the color of serenity and peace. It can calm down many people who are suffering from mental health disorders or different emotional pain.

That’s why the blue butterfly may bring you peace and ease of pain. People who dream or see a blue butterfly have to take the message of nature which says that you need to have less stress in your life and focus on yourself and both of your inner and outer peace.

Not many people will get this message this way. However, if you see that you’re exposed to a stressful environment and need more peace to calm down, you should take a few breaths and maybe book a trip to some calm and quiet place, or at least for a spa and self-care day.


One of the final blue butterfly symbolisms is joy. Joy is experienced for many reasons, from none to marriage, the birth of a new relative or a family member, success at the new job position or school, and many other reasons.

The blue butterfly sighting could be the positive omen of something good that will happen in your life, something that will bring your family member and you a lot of joy. If you spot a blue butterfly, then you may have a lot of reasons to look forward to something good coming your way. Be excited about the good things!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Blue Butterfly Symbolism

When exploring the secret meaning of a symbol you came across or dreamed of, there must be a lot of questions that you need to be answered. In this section, we answered some of those questions.

What Does It Mean When You Dream A Blue Butterfly?

Dreaming of blue butterflies means that your five minutes to shine are coming your way, and your dreams are going to come true. Dreams of the blue butterflies usually symbolize that there’s something great happening on your life journey, whether it’s love, job, or social life.

It also indicates that your journey is unique and that you shouldn’t compare yourself to your peers or competitors, because your journey is your own and no one can step in your shoes.

Finally, blue butterflies in dreams carry the message that even though you may have some struggles and difficulties in achieving your goals, your success is still inevitable, you just have to work hard and be patient!

What if the Blue Butterfly Lands on Me? What Does It Mean?

This may be a rare encounter, but you should consider yourself blessed. A Blue butterfly landing on your shoulder or hand means that they are coming to convey nature from the nature and spirits themselves.

You’re about to embark on a new journey in your life and turn the new page when it comes to career, friends, love, and everything that was bothering you in the past. You’ll learn new things that will help you through all your struggles and hardships.

If you’re currently going through a hard period, the blue butterfly is coming to tell you that there is the light at the end of the tunnel and that after every storm, there is the sun breaking up the dark clouds. So don’t worry and embrace this new chapter that will transform you.

Does the Blue Butterfly Emoji Have a Meaning?

Emoji are often used and interpreted as the individual people prefer it, but the blue butterfly emoji shouldn’t have any negative meanings. There’s no reason for you to believe that someone sending you the blue butterfly emoji has a negative connotation.

Some people who send them want to express their excitement, happiness and joy regarding some event that they want to tell you about. It’s all down to the internal way of exchanging emoji, but there shouldn’t be any negative meanings whatsoever.

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