Burning Dove Meaning

Burning Dove Meaning: Dove on Fire Meaning Spiritually

Doves can often appear in our surroundings, either as an animal or as symbols of something. Less frequently, people will dream about doves, and even less often will they see a burning dove. If you recently encountered a symbol that depicted a burning dove. It must’ve left a strong impression on you. Some complex symbols such as the dove that is burning may be difficult to describe, which is why it’s important to look into the meanings behind that symbolism to get more answers.

A lot of people recklessly choose to ignore the signs that nature and the universe show them. However, they shouldn’t be ignored, as they may be trying to tell you something about your feelings, present or future. Additionally, they may speak about something or someone you care about.

If you want to develop and advance further spiritually, it’s important to be attentive to the signs you see in your surroundings.

That’s why we wrote this article about the burning dove meaning. This article will help you understand the meanings behind the burning dove and see what you can do to manifest your dreams and develop spiritually.

Various spiritual symbols show up in people who are detail-oriented and search for deeper meaning in everything that they see. That being said, if you encountered a burning dove symbolism, it must’ve taken a lot of detail and understanding to spot it.

Doves appear frequently as part of the symbolism. They are the meaning of peace, inner rest, freedom, and meekness and have various other spiritual meanings. On the other side, it’s also a symbol of the Illuminati which represented some negative meanings.

Whatever may be the case, seeing a dove symbolism mostly has a positive meaning and puts those who have seen it to rest, while also giving them inner peace and contentment. On the other hand, seeing a burning dove is not so frequent, and is associated with fire which, while it’s equipped with various positive meanings, it’s also known for its negative meanings.

The symbol of the burning dove shows at the most important times of our lives when we’re supposed to take steps and make decisions that will change our lives in positive or negative ways. In that sense, the burning dove can be a wake-up call for us, if we can read the symbolism properly.  

That being said, continue reading this article and learn more about the origin of the burning dove symbolism. Don’t miss out on reading different meanings which will encourage your spiritual awakening and reinforce your transformation for the good.

Origin of Burning Dove Symbolism

The symbol of the burning dove has been known to the religious world of Judaism, Christianity, and other religions. However, the most attention regarding this symbolism arose after the Travis Scott Astroworld tragedy. We’ll explore all these scenarios below.

The Bible

The symbolism of a dove and a burning dove appears throughout the Bible. The Bible represents a single dove as the symbol of peace, as well as the depiction of the Holy Spirit of God. The symbol of a dove appears across the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, mostly looking into the baptism of Jesus Christ.

According to the gospels, when Jesus was baptized, he arose from the water and the heavenly skies opened. The gospel further notes that Holy Spirit descended from the sky, taking the form of a dove, and landed upon Jesus. The voice from heaven further spoke that it was pleased with the process of baptizing his loving son. (According to Matthew 3:13-17, Mark: 1:9-11, and Luke 3:21-22.)

Pentecost of Acts 2:1-3 also described that the Holy Spirit manifested on Earth through wind and fire. If we’d connect these gospels with the aforementioned gospel, the burning dove could still bear a heavenly symbolism.

It’s worth noting that many artists who portrayed religious events described the Holy Spirit, as the dove, based on the gospels which were used in the Bible, the belief has also persisted throughout our history.

Fire can also mean passion, and doves were also the symbols of love and sensitive temperament. The symbolism of the dove as a love symbol was used throughout the Bible, to describe the “Songs of Songs” or “Song of Solomon” which was a love ballad.

According to the Bible, the dove can also symbolize innocence, fairness, and honesty. John the Baptist, after baptizing Jesus used the symbol of a dove to symbolize the truth of his deeds, in the sense that he indeed was the one who baptized Jesus.

The Astroworld & Travis Scott

During the Astroworld event in Houston, a tragedy occurred where 10 died and 2,400 people needed medical assistance. The deaths occurred due to a tragic stampede where people aged from 14 to 27 were wounded and crushed by the crowd. The event took place on November 5th, 2021.

To pay a tribute to his concert, Travis Scott’s stage special effects featured crazy graphics of one which reminded many people of a burning dove. Many TikTok videos aroused, and many people were wondering what could the bird be.

Many people were left confused about whether it was a dove or a phoenix. But, whatever may be the case, it’s believed this symbolism was used to pay tribute to the people who died in the stampede. The animation featured an  animated image of a burning bird that was flapping its wings across the sky.

The videos were quickly viral on different social media, and whether it was a phoenix or the dove, doesn’t matter, the symbol in itself represents rebirth, eternal love, and other positive symbols.

Unfortunately, this tragic event was used as a ground for people to start making conspiracy theories, especially after the animation play of the burning dove (or phoenix.) That said, many people started making conspiracy theories that this was all part of the satanic ritual and that people and children who died were the sacrifice offering.

Of course, no rituals or satanic events took place at the concert, but it didn’t stop the people from making satanic stories up.

Burning Dove Meaning

Burning dove can mean anything and everything. In other words, many meanings are connected to it. Below, we’ll explore the most common and popular meanings and symbols connected to the burning dove. Read it, and see whether some of the meanings apply to you and your situation.


In many cultures, people see fire as a layer of protection. Some believe that’s the spirits trying to protect us from the jinx and all things bad. According to the Bible, God built a war of fire around the people, which will remove all the evil spirits and bad energy.

A burning dove may symbolize protection during difficult times. Whether you’re going through a loss or a hard breakup, the burning dove will protect you from all the bad energy and people who are trying to use you. You’ll be protected from badmouthing and curses that come your way.

If you recently saw the symbol of the burning dove, that means that you’re protected from all the bad things that were going to harm you. It’s a sign from nature that all the evil spirits and curses are warded off your energy.

The symbol of the burning dove will provide freedom and protection in all fields, so you can carry on with your daily activity without worrying about harmful things.

Spiritual Sensitivity

It’s no secret that people who encounter the symbol of the burning dove may become sensitive, particularly spiritually sensitive to change, bad spirits, and even positive things. If you’re interacting with the spiritual realm, it means that all your senses are heightened and focused on what the spirit world is focused on telling you.

Spiritual sensitivity is nothing bad. It just means that you’ll be more aware of your surroundings, both physically and spiritually. You’ll be able to recognize if someone wishes well on you, but also if someone has ill will.

That being said, you can recognize what’s good and bad for you and take action accordingly. You’ll also be able to see other spiritual signs and use them to your advantage when feeling spiritually conscious and sensitive.

Spiritual Insight

Spiritual insight is often bound to how we dream and what symbols we see in our dreams. The symbol of the burning dove is one of those symbols and it provides a spiritual insight into the everyday world, as well as the spiritual world. It’s associated with spiritual awakening.

You’ll likely be more open to changes and trying out new things. You’ll also have a better problem-solving attitude and become more detail-oriented. Simply put, your mind will become sharper to the daily signal and you’ll get more insights into your surroundings.

Don’t worry, this is a good sign, especially if you’re encountering the burning dove while preparing for an important date, exam, or a job project with the opportunity for growth and promotion. Your consciousness will be more open, and you’ll be aware of the itty bitty details that make your everyday.

Some say that your inner eye will also be more open and ready for the new opportunities, as well as making important decisions like moving abroad or changing careers.


The symbol of the burning dove may appear in your life to inform you about changes. These are the changes that you’ll have to prepare for, both physically and mentally. It’s not necessarily bad changes or anything negative in your life, but it’s worth being prepared for anything and everything.

If the burning dove expects you to be prepared, it’s the best to look around for the additional symbolism that may give you more insights into what you need to be prepared for.

Nevertheless, the sign of preparation will also give you more courage, strength, motivation, and inspiration to get things done, start new things, and listen for the new signs that the universe may send you.


In some cultures, pigeons and doves in particular are connected to the sacrifice. The process of burning was also often seen as a sacrifice to the pagan gods and God in particular. Perhaps, you’ll have to sacrifice your time for some other activity or give up on some dreams and plans you had for the sake of pursuing something else.

The sacrifice symbolism is never clear, but as time passes by, more clues are revealed by the universe, so all you have to do is listen, and watch for all the clues and details that may emerge.


The burning dove may represent enlightenment, because of the purity and innocence that the dove carries within, as well as the fire that lights up the surroundings where it’s burning.

The enlightenment symbol may focus on the parts you’ve been blind to for years. Perhaps, you neglected your hobbies and health because of other people or stayed in a toxic workplace, doing what you don’t want to do at all. This enlightenment will help you discover your values and your true path.


If you had an encounter with a symbol of a burning dove, or something similar, it’s worth checking out if there are some answers that you’re looking for. Read more below.

Is Seeing a Burning Dove a Bad Sign?

Not necessarily. The symbol of the burning dove mostly has positive connotations, but it’s important to watch for the other details that emerged together with the burning dove. It has positive meanings in sense of protection, insights, sensitivity, enlightenment, peace, and many other nice meanings.

Does a Burning Dove Mean Death?

If you recently encountered the symbol of a burning dove or dreamed about it, you may be worried if it means death. It doesn’t. It’s more connected to the process of transformation and changing some of our core values to be better.

Instead, it could represent the death of old you, your bad habits like being lazy, smoking, drinking, cheating, and others. Let go of the negative things in your life, and work for the good ones is what most likely the burning dove is trying to tell you.

Does Burning Dove Have Evil Meaning?

Because the symbol of fire and dove are often associated with the Illuminati, many think that seeing the burning dove means evil. Nevertheless, it’s the symbol of peace, transformation, spirituality, and much more, and doesn’t have evil meanings. Instead, it gives you strength and prepares you for both good and bad things.

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